ARDC is governed by a Commission and Board, which respectively oversee and handle the business affairs of ARDC. Current Commission members are listed below, with (*) denoting members of the Board.

County Board Representatives

  • Don Niemi,* Vice Chair (Aitkin County)
  • Dick Brenner,* Chair (Carlton County)
  • Ginny Storlie* (Cook County)
  • Wade Pavleck,* (Koochiching County)
  • Jeremy Hurd* (Lake County)
  • Terry Snyder* (Itasca County)
  • Frank Jewell* (St. Louis County)
  • Beth Olson (St. Louis County)

Representatives of a Cities, Townships, Tribal Nations, and School Boards

  • Roger Maki (Carlton Communities >10K)
  • Tim Harkonen (St. Louis Communities >10K)
  • Gary Anderson (St. Louis Communities >10K)
  • Dale Adams (Itasca Communities >10K)
  • Vacant (Aitkin Communities <10K)
  • Vacant (Carlton Communities <10K)
  • Anton Moody (Cook Communities <10K)
  • Calvin Saari (Itasca Communities <10K)
  • Brian Briggs (Koochiching Communities <10K)
  • Carlene Perfetto (Lake Communities <10K)
  • Charles Baribeau (St. Louis Communities <10K)
  • Kevin Adee (Koochiching Townships)
  • Vacant (Aitkin Townships)
  • Jason Paulson (Carlton Townships)
  • Rae Piepho (Cook Townships)
  • Larry Salmela (Itasca Townships)
  • Michael Hoops (Lake Townships)
  • Earl Grano (St. Louis County Townships)
  • Jason Hollinday,* Secretary (Native American Tribal Council, Fond du Lac Reservation)
  • Norm Deschampe (Native American Tribal Council, Grand Portage Reservation)
  • Vacant (Native American Tribal Council, Bois Forte Reservation)
  • Walter Hautala (ISD #2711)
  • Daniel Manick (ISD #2142)

At-Large (Citizen) Members

  • Allen Rasmussen,* Treasurer (International Falls)
  • Eric Johnson (International Falls)
  • Paul Nevanen (International Falls)
  • Mary Somnis (Grand Marais)
  • Joel Hoppe (McGregor)
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Advisory Members

  • Anne Varda (AAAA Advisory Board)
  • JinYeene Neumann (NEMNATP)
  • Earl Elde (DSMIC Advisory Board)