ARDC has been serving the Arrowhead for more than forty years.

In accordance with the Minnesota Regional Development Act of 1969, the Commission serves as an advocate for local governments in Northeast Minnesota, provides leadership in the development of projects that benefit the Arrowhead Region, and serves as a catalyst to identify needs and seek solutions to issues of regional significance.

This role is especially important with regard to problems and opportunities that are multi-jurisdictional in scope or impact. Throughout its existence, ARDC has developed numerous planning and implementation programs aimed at meeting the needs of the Arrowhead Region.

Regional development commissions are complex relationships of interests from the public and private sectors. Programs are funded through the combinations of federal and state dollars, grants, and fees paid for services. This unique structure gives ARDC programming flexibility that other government agencies do not share.

ARDC’s membership includes both elected officials and citizen representatives from throughout the region. The forty member Commission meets quarterly to discuss regional priorities and to set overall policy. The twelve member governing board meets monthly to monitor programs, revise budgets, approve contracts and expenditures, and deal with other policy issues as they arise.